Grip-N-Rip II Softball Bat Taper

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Every at-bat starts with one thing: your grip. The Grip-N-Rip II Softball Bat Taper slides onto the bottom of you bat, producing an ergonomic surface area for a safe non-slip grasp without requiring a limited, strained hold. This product is ready to be used continuously-through hundreds of at-bats, hundreds of innings, as well as numerous periods. The Grip-n-Rip II is made from a brand-new material that is additional long lasting and also durable. The most effective method for installing a Grip-n-Rip is to initially, utilize a little water on the grip and also the handle. After it's damp, extend the narrow end of the Grip-n-Rip partially over the handle, then pull or push it the remainder of the method as well as function it in place as it fits you. Each bundle includes (1) Grip-N-Rip II Softball Bat Taper